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  • Reducing body fat percentage
  • Weights and a introduction to training
  • A up to 6 day training split
  • Progress photos and measurements required on a weekly basis
  • Build muscle and burn fat
  • 10 week programme
  • Tailor made nutrition plan included
  • Exclusive SLF app access
  • Progress tracking and monitoring
  • Exclusive access to the closed Facebook SLF Transformation Online community group
  • 24/7 support


Whether you're are looking to tone up ready for an event or looking to drop a few inches, these workouts will be sure to turn up the heat on that unwanted body fat.

- Gain muscle mass and strength.
- Rigorous 10 week programme
- Tailor made nutrition plan designed specifically for you
- 24/7 communication between Spencer and you
- Improve cardiovascular output, strength and metabolic rate.
- Lean muscle builder plan
- Female intermediate weights workout plan
- Male intermediate weights workout plan
- Female fat loss plan
- Male fat loss plan.

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