Spencer leaves Nothing Out! You’ll learn all of his hidden secrets on quickly eliminating body fat without sacrificing your muscle gains.


Learn everything I use for achieving optimal Shredding results!

There is a science behind shredding.

As a Professional Body Transformation Specialist, I’ve mastered my own techniques for eliminating body fat efficiently that doesn’t sacrifice your hard-earned muscle gains.

This Programme is CRAMMED with everything needed for optimising your shred results.

Are you Ready to “Shred with Spence?”


Full Supplementation Details:

I’ll be sharing the same exact supplementation program I use during my shredding phase so you can directly apply them and obtain similar results!

Full Video Demonstrations:

This Programme is CRAMMED with detailed workout videos. Learn proper technique with live instructional videos taught by the SLFitness App.


I can cater for all clientele as I tailor everything around your individual needs no matter what your age, starting point or goal is. I can even design home based challenges for clients who would rather train at home.


You will receive:

  • An online, phone or face to face consultation to discuss and set goals
  • A three phase tailored diet and supplement programme (with regular weekly adjustments)
  • An interactive exercise programme with video demonstrations on every exercise
  • Weekly online phone or face to face check-ins (including optional body fat testing)
  • Access to hidden content such as dieting tips and tricks for faster results
  • Access to my extensive online training library and my comprehensive supplement guide
  • Contact me at any time with questions
  • Discounted supplement codes throughout your Programme


What can you expect from Shred with Spence?

  • Fast and Immediate Results!
  • A rigorous 28-day workout schedule
  • To get in shape for Summer!
  • To shred excess fat once and for all!
  • A guaranteed reduction of body fat percentage
  • Circuits, upper, lower and abdominal based workouts implemented in your plan
  • To feel and look great in just 28 days!
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    £50.00Sale Price