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You’ve got to be Yolking me!

Hold it right there!

Do not bin that yolk! – why you ask?

Because getting rid, may not be such a bad thing after-all.

The research, which studied the effect of egg whites and whole eggs on both the level of blood amino acids and on muscle-protein synthesis (i.e. muscle growth), suggests that something in the yolk is boosting our ability to utilise egg protein for muscle growth.


Eggs have always been cause for concern for the fitness and nutrition industry over the years. Research in the past found that eating them in their entirety raised blood cholesterol to an unhealthy level, and we were advised not to eat too many per week (which now seems to be disproved). Now it turns out that you might indeed need that delicious, yolk in order boost your bodies ability to absorb and synthesis protein.

Studies performed in America shown that subjects who were consuming yolks with their pre workout meal were showing better muscle growth and protein absorption then those who opted for the whites.

Specifically, the research found that the whole eggs produced a 40% greater response in muscle-protein synthesis than the egg whites.

In another study, 10 resistance-trained men, who were an average age of 21, performed a single bout of resistance training. Immediately after training, the men consumed either whole eggs or egg whites, each containing the same amount of protein (18g).

The University of Illinois Poultry Research Farm developed eggs that were isotopically labelled with the amino acid, leucine, which allowed for tracking of the amino acids’ destination.

The researchers took blood samples and muscle biopsies before and after the resistance exercise and egg consumption, in order to assess the level of amino acids in the blood and muscle-protein synthesis.

They found that the level of amino acids in the blood was similar in those who had eaten the whole eggs and egg whites, but the whole eggs produced a very different response in the muscles.

“We saw that the ingestion of whole eggs immediately after resistance exercise resulted in greater muscle-protein synthesis than the ingestion of egg whites”, said Dr. Nicholas Burd, assistant professor of kinesiology at the University of Illinois.

“There’s a lot of stress on protein nutrition in modern society, and research is showing that we need more protein in the diet than we once thought to maintain health”, Burd said.

Other studies indicate that the results of the study are not related to the difference in calories between the whole eggs and egg whites, and that simply adding other types of fat to the whites doesn’t boost muscle-protein synthesis in the same way that the yolks do.

What does a meditating egg say?


So to conclude; save those golden spheres and make better gains! Have a great week folks and thanks for reading!

– Coach SL.

Ref. https://news.illinois.edu/view/6367/591263

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