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Why Personal Trainers hate me.

So today I got asked why some Personal Trainers hate me.

I then realised this question came from a new online client. (He then decided to tell me his email address and asked if I wanted to take his measurements whilst I was there with him).

So I responded, and we got his initial measurements for Phase I of his Transformation plan.

Personal Trainers need to learn to evolve, with Level 3 Qualifications being sold for as little as £399 their is going to be some mad statistic that “one in 5 people are qualified personal trainer.” – Imagine the thought, that 54 year old, 21 stone Sharon from next door is a qualified PT. Some might say fair play, some might say, what the fu… me, I say well as long as she isn’t providing packages that she’s tried in the past.

You would hope that people will of become self sufficient after 3 months of training and corrective nutritional habits however we naturally always fall back on comfort zones where we started and for the majority, these can be unhealthy, unproductive states of mind.

At Spencer Lissamore Fitness I try to provide the best suited programme I possibly can from the information you provide me, this is why honesty and full transparency are key to the services I offer to you.


Your average Personal Trainer will PT 1:1 back to back for 6 to 12 hours a day, eat, cook train and sleep. (They might not even train). Having 15 to 20 clients per week might seem great for them. But when life gets in the way of their routine, you as their client are going to feel the back end of it… (don’t be so crude).

What I wanted was to not just take your money and say “see ya next week!” But keep you accountable throughout the week in your nutritional decisions, training and help you overcome any barriers you may come across as a result of your busy working schedule.


I made the SLFApp – and since every Personal Trainer realised Online Coaching and 24/7 support might actually be required for client retention and self preservation. Hence now most of them hate my ass.

So let me break it down like this, I think 3 workouts is best to do a week minimum for fat loss.

I don’t PT on Sunday’s as a rule but I am always available Online and via my App, so my 3 a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

My 2 a week, Tuesday and Thursday.

I charge £25 an hour. (If you’re a PT in Wolverhampton and you’re charging £35 shame on you!)


12 weeks.

Seeing me 2x a week £600

Seeing me 3x a week £900

12 weeks of the SLFApp – £75


Fair enough I don’t carry your towel (or water) but it’s 12x better priced.

Before I was on my own, doing 6 hours of PT a day meant I did a lot less studying, reading, researching, learning or paying attention to clients need’s outside the gym or their programming.


Unfortunately even if you saw me 3x a week.

Which would cost >£10,000 a year.

You’d only see me for 1.7% of your week.

(24×7 = 168. 3 out of 168 = 1.7%)


In that time we’d mostly be training so learning would be difficult let alone gathering measurements, body-fat, weight and a needs analysis.

Covering topics like energy balance, hip flexion, anatomy, physiology, hormonal dysfunctions and myth busting is pretty hard when a pager goes every minute into the talk because you have to let someone who left their headphones in the car get back through the turnstile.

I digress…

Average salary in the UK is £26,000

So nearly £1 in every £3 you earn to have time with me as your PT.

For me to be with you for 1.7% of you week is not really a good deal.

Especially when we have 20 working sets and 20 timed rest sessions to get through in each hour.

There were no learning resources, videos to watch or homework to learn.

Not only that but my obligations our of hours were theoretically unpaid and…

The kicker…

I charged 12x more than I do now.

When I had less experience and transformations under my belt than I do now.

I also had no coaches, partners or people behind me to support delivering a good job.

Now I have support so that in different time zones you can get responses.

Now you don’t have to wait for me to empty my inbox to see your messages.

I have now had over 200 clients go through the SLF App and policies and procedures system. (BUZZING!)

>60 of them are in the closed Facebook Community Group.

So to answer whether or not the programmes are personalised.

Yes, much more than 99% of what your PT charging an hourly rate would.

In fact most PT’s are making it up on the spot.

I’m very competitive and want to be the best Online Coach and Personal Trainer in the United Kingdom, (big call but I can only try).

When my time is up in the Fitness World all I care about is that people look back and say:

“See that Spence kid there, he got me as fit as I am today.”

– whether it’s through training, knowledge or both.

Also you’ll find that the only people who hate on me are in fact PTs who have realised how hard it would be to deliver half the job I do for 1/10th of the price.

So there are a few stats for you to consider for choosing the right Personal Trainer for 2019.

Why not take a look at what I’ve been creating over the last few years.


The FREE 5 Day Plan for those wanting to LOSE FAT.


The FREE 5 Day Plan for those wanting to GAIN MUSCLE, SIZE & WEIGHT.

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