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What is Your “Average Speed” in Your Life, Your Health, and Your Work?

What's your Speed?

Hi guys, Spencer Lissamore here from Transformed by Spence, so… anyone can feel a burst of inspiration, head to the gym, and push themselves for a single workout. That’s maximum speed. We waste a lot of time obsessing over it.

How hard was your workout?

How motivated are you?

How fast are you pushing it?

But what if you were to average all of your days in the last month?

How many of those days included a workout?

How about the last three months?

Or the last year?

What has your average speed been?

Look at it this way and you might realise, for example, that you were sick for a week and there were a couple times when you skipped the gym after a long day of work and you were on the road for two weeks as well. Suddenly, you realise that your maximum speed might be high every now and then, but your average speed is much lower than you think.

From what I can tell, this principle holds true for your work habits, your eating habits, your relationship habits, and virtually every other area of your life.

The Surprising Thing About Average Speed

Here’s the surprising thing about average speed: It doesn’t take very long for average speed to produce incredible results.

So often we waste our time and energy thinking that we need a monumental effort to achieve anything significant. We tell ourselves that we need to get amped up on motivation and desire. We think that we need to work harder than everyone else.

But when you look at people who are really making progress, you see something different. Jason kept his calories just 300 below his maintenance and managed to compete 3 times in just 2 years. There is nothing sexy or shocking about competing this many times in 2 year but Jason was simply more consistent than everyone else and, as a result, his average speed for those 730 odd days was much higher than most people.

Of course, the natural question that follows from all of this is, “How do I increase my average speed?”

Let’s talk about that now.

Habit Graduation: How to Increase Your Average Speed

Recently, I was told about the idea of “habit graduation.” That is, graduating from your current habit to one level higher. Basically, habit graduation is about increasing your average speed. This idea originates from James Clear.

Here are some examples…

If your average speed is eating three healthy meals per week, can you “graduate” that to one healthy meal per day?

If your average speed is exercising twice per month, can you “graduate” that to once per week?

You get the idea. Habit graduation is about considering your goals and your current average speed, and thinking about how you can increase your output by just a little bit on a consistent basis.

I’ve thought about how I might apply this myself.

For the last 12 months I have posted a YouTube Video once per week. For me and my social anxiety this amazing. However, can I graduate this habit and go to posting a LIVE Video once per week or maybe even 2 YouTube videos per week to further increase engagement?

Where to Go From Here

We all have an average speed when it comes to our habits. And if we’re being honest with ourselves, that average speed might be much slower than we’d like.

The truth is, anyone can get motivated and push themselves for one day, but very few people maintain a consistent effort every week without fail.

The important thing isn’t to judge yourself or feel guilty about having a lower average speed than you would like.


The important thing is to be aware of what’s actually going on, realise that it’s within your control, and then embrace the fact that a small, but consistent change in your daily habits can lead to a remarkable increase in your average speed.

In your health, your work, and your life, it doesn’t require a massive effort to achieve incredible results — just a consistent one.

It's time to progress.

It’s time to graduate to the next level. What’s your average speed?

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