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What do you gain from life?

Today I am asking you, what are you gaining from life? The rut you may be stuck in will seem ever lasting. Days revolving one after another until a certain point where you stop and finally start to consider what your existence really means?

What will you achieve in 8 weeks with SLFitness?

This was me, sitting at the edge of my bed at 07:30 on Tuesday morning asking myself why in holy hell am I still giving money to an already multi million pound company.

I want more from life, I want to achieve my self worth. Through a self made strategy.

Well here’s the thing they didn’t teach you at School.

Life was made to be lived, but that doesn’t mean being a slave to the 9-5. It doesn’t mean working out 2 hours a day until your a brain dead mess.

It means having value and contributing to what you was blessed with by allowing yourself to fully utilise your body and mind at any given moment.

To run with your children in park.

Take your dog for long strolls along the canal.

See your grandparents and share your knowledge on health and fitness.

What do you want from life?

And how the fuck are you going to achieve it.


Here’s what you gain from using the Spencer Lissamore Fitness app.

Learn how to drop fat, build muscle and strength while simplifying your nutrition and training plans.

A series of tactics to create enough flexibility in your plan to remove any and all conflict between work, family, social plans and your progress.

How to balance fitness with the rest of your life while juggling 10 commitments at once.

How to harness motivation and willpower, staying motivated even on off days.

Understand what to eat, when to eat it and how to juggle the ideal approach for you with eating out and alcohol.

A strategy that allows you to create results that are sustainable without a total lifestyle overhaul.

How to feel in control of your fitness goals rather than at the mercy of them.

Over 8 weeks, I give you an on-ramp into the methods I’ve refined over the years at SLFitness to repeatedly and reliably create results for men and women of all shapes, ages and experience levels.

Previously, the only way to get access to this program and these methods was to sign up for coaching with myself.

I understand that monthly coaching isn’t for everyone.

It might not even be best for everyone.

After a few requests from past client longtime readers, I’ve decided to offer a slightly different way to get access to the SLF protocol and the methods I use.

Specifically, access to just the program and my online community without the need to sign up for coaching if you don’t want to.


I am going to be opening just that…

Course access to the SLFitness Protocol, my membership area and my online community at a price more affordable than ever before.

Now, because you’re still joining my communities, there will be a cap on numbers.

I will only allow 10 new members into the Online Programme.

If you’d like to be one of them, here’s what to do…

Visit the link below.

Click and download the programme for FREE and leave the rest to me.

Thanks for reading.

Now go gain your self worth!

Coach SLF.

What can you achieve in 8 weeks?


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