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Welcome to the "Project Peach" Challenge!

Project Peach

🍑WELCOME TO PROJECT PEACH!🍑 . 🔥A 12 Week Booty Builder Challenge by Transformed by Spence . 😰Society has changed. Some say for the worse. I say for the better… Ladies, you’re sick of having a flat, soft booty, you want to be able to fill those jeans and feel more voluptuous in the clothing you’re in; whether it be gym apparel or a @missguided maxi dress. Making guys head’s turn when you hit the gym floor to do your thing. (Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m on about). Your confidence drops as you see others with a smaller waist and yet, a larger posterior? . 🙄You’ve done countless glute bridges, reverse hack-squats, horizontal side leg press, nearly had Derek’s eye out throwing your leg back every other step on the StairMaster, even Googled “Bum Implants.” With little to no luck… fear not. . 💁🏼‍♂️What if I told you, you could achieve a firm, solid, well rounded peach in just 12 weeks. . Feel more confident knowing your body is adapting accordingly to how you want it to. . Be stronger and more flexible in your lower body. . And all within a 12 week period. .

Everything you need to build that booty!

🍑Well it’s possible! You’ll get a structured 12 week plan building up at your pace in progression.


✅24/7 support all the way for all your needs ✅Weekly updates and check-ins for progress photographs and measurements ✅A fully accessible workout schedule at the tip of your fingers via the SLFApp ✅Video tutorials for every exercise in plan!


💯This programme has been designed specifically for you and will ensure you get results!

📩I’ll be taking all applicants through Online Training and Nutrition to help them enter 2019 with a Twerk!

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