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We as humans…

We, as humans are constantly encouraged both by external and internal forces, to be like everyone else.

It makes us feel safe, like we’re huddled in the middle of the pack safe from the dangers outside.

It’s a false sense of security and its damaging, because as we know, the average man is unmotivated, unfocused, out of shape and stuck in a destructive routine.

Remember getting in trouble at school and saying “Everyone was doing it!”

What would your parents say back to you?

“If everyone else jumped off a cliff would you do that!?”


But actually, yes… the majority of people would, the average man certainly would.

Look at how people live right now.

They sit at home and order takeaways 3 nights a week whilst watching shit television because it’s supposedly normal. This alone is so brutally damaging for testosterone levels, mindset, physical improvements and the overall structure of our lives… everyone else does it so we think its ok. We are jumping off that bridge.

Processed food, we know its bad, alcohol, we know it’s bad, but everyone else does it so we allow ourselves to jump on the bandwagon.

Because its normal!

It’s average.

Go to bed late, get up whenever you can manage to drag yourself up. Everyone else does that, no one looks after their sleep routine. Never mind that its the one time every day that your brain and body gets to recover and grow… We do it because everyone else does it.

Stress about stuff you can’t control?

Whinge about co-workers?

Moan about your job?

All normal, so its all done, but it is all incredibly destructive.

Do not jump off that bridge, do not practise average behaviour…

Forge tough habits, stay disciplined, understand the value of your mind and body and look after it.

Train hard, sleep well, eat properly. Join me and my SLFitness team.

It’s free, it’s harmless. In-fact it’s the opposite. It’s healing.


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The Body Achieves, What The Mind Believes.

Coach SLF.

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