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Vascularity 101…

Vascularity 101...

Just a quick one today folks; talking about vascularity and how it is achieved.

Veins – whether you find veins appealing or not the likelihood is that you have at least some opinion on them. Some want road map status across their body, others are “disgusted by it.” This post caters to both parties.

The term vascularity is often used to describe the condition of abnormally visible and enlarged blood vessels. Such a condition is characterised by a prominence of presence and visibility of the subcutaneous blood vessels.


How does one achieve this condition?


Ha, good question… well, vascularity is achieved by allowing low body fat levels to such a point where the subcutaneous layer may be more visible.

Clenbuterol is the drug of choice used by athletes and bodybuilders as it reduces not only body-fat levels but sodium and as a result water retention levels. Furthermore, vascularity can be increased with high GI carbohydrates (most effective when one is glycogen depleted). Vascularity can also be increased by ingesting vitamins such as B6. This creates a histamine reaction similar to that of allergies.

A consequence of which is vasodilation (temporary widening of the blood vessels).

So let’s get that paper skin!


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