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Turning challenges to opportunities.

Deadlifting b2b with a beast…

Lifting with someone twice your size is a lot of fun, or no fun at all, depending on your inclination towards the challenge…

I entered the gym at around 10:30 and knew I needed to do my heavy compound deadlifts for the week. “So here we go.” I said to myself walking towards the back of the gym where the olympic lifting platforms were.

I warmed up with 15 reps x 60kg (one 20kg plate each side of a 20kg olympic bar).

Soon after locking the bar in the easy lift (some contraption for putting plates on a bar easier). A chap came over, stood about 6 foot 4, bearded and dripping in XXL clothing asked if he can jump in. (That’s gym slang for workout between my exercise sets). I accepted the challenge.

After all, if it wasn’t a challenge what was it? There was 2 other olympic platforms, either that or he was too bone idle to load the bar entirely himself.

So we lifted,

12 reps x 100kg

10 reps x 140kg

8 reps x 180kg

6 reps x 200kg

Talk was kept to a minimal, I was glad he asked to jump in. He wasn’t intruding, nor was he coming over to waste my time.

“Strong back yeah, Jesus!” – he said whilst blowing like an Elephant.

This was his passing comment after the 4th set. However this wasn’t always the case. I was 16 and had a 42” waist. My back resembled that of a double water mattress. It wasn’t strong, or muscular in any sense of the words.

I knew I had to do something about my weight however. I was the fat kid who would always decline and walk away from a challenge, I considered it a threat and I was gone.

However I knew I had to change, I focused on training and eating to pack on muscle whilst keeping my body fat to a minimum. Having an endomorphic body type – that isn’t easy let me tell you.

But soon people began to notice.

It felt amazing.

I remember that day so clearly, as the first time I really sat up, looked in the mirror and noticed the incredible results this different approach to training and nutrition gave me.

I began acting appropriate to how my physique was changing, and in turn I was treated with more respect. The bullying stopped, I started to make real friends (not just RuneScape ones), my life started to have meaning.

The fat, uncle Fester Spencer was left dead in the water…

I felt more powerful, masculine and confident.

If I had simply wished for it, I would still be the short fat kid now, and I dread to think where I would be in my life.

I know for sure I would have a physique I hated…

I would not be running a successful business helping men all over the world drastically transform their body and mindset…

I wouldn’t have the minerals to send an email like this and tell you of my tale…

I am where I am because of aggressive action towards what I knew I could be. Now readily accepting challenges sent my way that I KNOW can help benefit me.

Turning negatives to positives.

Challenges to opportunities.

I could into I CAN!

If you feel stuck, if you feel like you are destined to be stuck in an average frame, an average mindset and feeling small I promise you, that is your own limiting self belief.

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“The Body Achieves, What The Mind Believes.”

Coach SLF.


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