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Transformation Testimonial of the Month – October

Danielle Pierduta, Age: 30.

Transformation in just 3 weeks!

Total weight lost: 3.9kg (9lbs)!

Progress of weight loss on the SLFitness App

“After a couple of years feeling increasingly uncomfortable with my size, body shape & lack of confidence I joined Pure Gym Hednesford with an aim to resolve this. Having previously eaten extremely unhealthily & done very little in the way of exercise it was quite daunting but I was determined to get the results I wanted. After attending a couple of Spencer’s classes I found him to be really personable, encouraging & knowledgeable. I had even enjoyed going!!!!!

My newfound love for exercise was all well and good but I was struggling with my diet. I read books, went online but with so much information & advice I was confused as to what was best for me to start moving toward my goals. I reached out to Spencer & he provided me with a 6-week nutrition plan along with access to his app. The app is really user friendly & brilliant to keep track of my daily exercise & nutrition, it even includes a shopping list, which is really handy for when you nip to the shops.

I weigh in every week & Spencer checks my progress; 3 weeks into the plan I have lost 9lb! I am really pleased with my results so far & my motivation is sky high but even if I was to have a little wobble I know Spencer would be there to offer any additional guidance & support I needed.

Throughout the plan I have maintained my regular visits to the gym & now do 2 classes a day, 6 days a week.

The gym is fantastic, all the PTs are lovely, it’s clean, there is a good variety of equipment, the classes are really enjoyable & for the price in comparison to others you really can’t knock it!

Moving forward I am going to continue my journey with Pure Gym & Spencer.

If you are thinking about taking that extra step with your fitness or nutrition I cannot recommend Spencer enough, my lifestyle has changed completely for the better & I don’t think I would be progressing at the rate I am without him.”


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