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Top exercises for the core.


A great article by RunTastic on keeping the abdomen strong and built. Even as a runner it is important to maintain a good core as this holds the foundation in which we develop the branches i.e. legs, arms, shoulders, chest and back.

Now I’m not calling the living body a tree – and I certainly am not saying the core plays the sole foundation for a good runner however it is important to understand how to get your running form in check.

Your pelvis and trunk have to be stabilised while running, especially because of the shifting of weight from one leg to another. When you’re running, your back muscles and abs are working hard to stabilise your entire body. The connection of your muscles and bones in areas like the spine, shoulder girdle and pelvis help you keep that upright and stable posture you should have while running.

A stable upper body is vital for efficient running form. If you have weak core muscles, you are more likely to compensate with other inefficient movements. This decreases the power of the push off, thus reducing the effectiveness of your steps.

Please read the link above further, giving great abdominal exercises to help keep you injury free and even more toned!


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