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TOMT (Transformation of the Month) September: Greg Kinsey

Greg Kinsey's Transformation
Larger in his early days before SLFitness.

Greg Kinsey, Age 29

Transformation in 12 weeks –

Waist: 132.08cm à 104.14cm

Hips: 124cm à 101.6cm

Right Thigh: 81.28cm à 71.66cm

Left Thigh: 81.28cm à 71.66cm

Right Arm: 45.72cm à 35.1cm

Left Arm: 45.72cm à 35.1cm

Total CM lost: 90.82cm

Total weight lost: 16kg

Total body fat lost: 5% (12kg)

“When I first met Greg I could immediately see the issues he was having with his weight-loss. Having been told his story I felt it my sole duty to assist him as best I can to achieve his goals. I am pleased to say he is on the correct path and we continue that road to smashing those goals and going further into meeting his fitness needs. A very valued member of my SLFitness Team.”

Spencer Lissamore PT

Greg and Craig David.

“I’m too fat to exercise! That is what I kept telling myself, I was overweight, I knew it. But I was too busy telling myself that I couldn’t do certain exercises and participate in classes. Then came the shock, I was visited by my work employed Nurse where she informed me I need to lose weight or I am going to have some severe implications when I’m older.

This meant action had to be taken, so I followed through with a Personal Trainer. In comes Spence.

Thanks to learning how to eat properly, make healthy lifestyle choices. How to best utilise my time and exercise properly within the gym. I was able to drop the weight I have. I have built up my strength and overall fitness along the way with Spencer’s guidance.

Having a 60 hour/week job he took this into consideration and assigned me workouts and a nutrition plan to follow using his SLFitness Personal Training mobile app. I now enjoy going to PureGym and feel I am continuing in the right direction towards making further progress. I am healthier, fitter and feel the best I have ever since starting with Spencer, I couldn’t recommend him enough! Cheers mate!”

– Greg Kinsey

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