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This is why everybody should lift weights!


You should be lifting weights. No matter what the size. You should be!

For example, I don’t believe that strength is the main benefit of weightlifting.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love being strong as much as the next person, but there is more value in weightlifting than simply gaining muscle or losing fat.

When I think back on the time I’ve spent training (around 7 years now), here are the most valuable benefits I’ve discovered…

1. Pushing yourself physically shows what kind of levels you could reach mentally.

Challenging your own body is the greatest method for discovering the strength of your mind. Nowhere is this more true than with strength training. There will be days when you don’t feel like coming into the gym. There will be sets that you don’t feel like finishing. There will be times when everyone else in the gym will see you fail.

And if you keep showing up anyway, then you’ll develop the mental fortitude to get past failure, work when you don’t feel like it, and discover what you’re really made of mentally and physically.

This consistency of battling against weight and energy levels ultimately has a positive effect on the cognitive function and our ability to really find motivation from anywhere due to our limitless mental capacity.

2. Weightlifting Solidifies Your Sense of Self–Worth

Here’s one thing I’ve learned from a year at the gym … it doesn’t matter how much weight I can or can’t pull, I can grow, build up strength, whatever’s necessary. I’m not defective.

There is nothing more personal than your own body. Having confidence that you can move yourself through physical space with control and competence is a deeply satisfying feeling that filters into every other area of life. If you set a new personal record in the gym this morning, you can be sure that you’ll be feeling more confident at work this afternoon.

But weightlifting goes deeper than that. Weight training gives you something to stand on, something to define yourself by. It clarifies who you are in your own mind.

“I can lift X pounds. I can do X sets. This is what I’m capable of. This is who I am.”

With weightlifting, there’s no lying to yourself about what you can and can’t do. The weight forces you to be honest and self–aware.

Strangely, even if you’re weaker than you thought you were, there is a satisfaction that comes from knowing where you stand. Most days, life seems to be lived in the gray areas. It’s hard to know if you’re making progress as a parent, a friend, an employee, or a person. Weightlifting is more black and white. It helps you get past that fuzziness and closer to understanding yourself.

Combine this type of clarity with gradual improvement and your sense of self–worth will skyrocket. You know who you are and you are proving that you can become better than you were before.

“I lifted 20kg more today than I did last week. I can become better. This is proof.”

The SLFitness App allows you to log your lifted weights and track the history over the weeks/months/years of what you’ve been able to accomplish over that period of time.

SLF weight tracking

What could possibly be more confidence–building than direct, undeniable proof that you are becoming a better human?

Sometimes, this concrete proof of your improvement can do more for your confidence than all the positive thoughts in the world.

Get the Benefits of Weight Training

If you’re already a weightlifter, keep at it. If you’re not, get started.

You are on this planet to do amazing things, and I honestly believe that lifting weights can help you do those things better.

Happy and healthy people have a better chance to live with confidence and contribute value to the world than anyone else. Don’t take that for granted.


For any other information regarding the above or Nutritional/Training Coaching requests e-mail me.

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