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These SLF users have lost a combined -59kg (130 lbs).

Client J.

A new year approaches and so will new results! But let’s focus on the now shall we for a moment… Mark, Michael, Lana, James & J. have lost a combined 59kg in body weight mass! That’s 130 lbs removed in just over 6 months!

Ready to hear how they did it? The SLFitness Fat Loss Programming is designed to torch fat and help you drop body weight in no time!

Mark Higgs -11.7kg (wanted to shed his Winter 17 belly)

Client: Mark Higgs

Mark works 37+ hours per week. Naturally, during the Summer time of 2018 he wanted to shred some body fat and look as lean as possible! “The SLF App has a flexible approach and allows me to access it from any gym to follow Spencer’s allocated plans, anytime.” Now 84.5kg Mark wants to focus on lean bulking during the Winter period of 2018 up to February 2019.


Michael Tapper -6kg (wanted to reduce his body fat and maintain a stable weight with good muscle retention)

Client: Michael Tapper

Michael has changed his life round for the better, having understood the booze and going out lifestyle was having a detrimental affect on his physique he decided to get his head into a SLFitness Plan and has as a result; made amazing progress by adding lean muscle mass and shedding fat by the kilogram! He now feels more confident and happier than ever!


Alanna wanted to lose weight – she managed to lose 9.3kg in 4 months with Spencer Lissamore Fitness and says: “I haven’t felt this confident in a long time. I no longer concern myself with everybody else’s opinions and focus on myself and my goals.”

Client: Alanna SLFitness Monitoring

Push past the doubts and haters and start believing in yourself! Alanna is the best proof that confidence is key, she lost 9.3kg with the SLFitness App. Online Coaching and Nutrition Plans proved key to her success. She also managed to lose 5.3% in body fat during her journey.


Client James Read has lost 6.6kg in bodyweight and 7% body-fat!

Client: James Read Weight Loss Monitoring

His sole goal to drop body fat and lose weight. Since joining SLFitness at the end of October James has managed to:

– lose 3cm from his Waist and Hips – lose 3.5cm from his Thighs – gain 0.5cm on his total Chest circumference – lose 6.6kg in body weight – increase his overall strength and power output on all compound lifts – drop 7% in body fat!

It’s not easy working 50+ hours a week as a manager and trying to reach your Fitness goals. Finding the energy after a 12 hour shift to go workout can prove tiresome and have a big impact on the system. Having took that onboard however, me and James managed to find a workout schedule and nutrition plan which incorporated his busy working hours and meal planning. From alternating AM to PM workouts, to ensuring sweet potato wedges and chicken butterfly was available at Nando’s. Results can be achieved by anyone willing to work around the mental and physical barriers that a working lifestyle can bring. James is a excellent example of this and is a credit to himself!


J. (Client preferred to be kept anonymous due to Celebrity status) has lost an amazing 24.5kg and 17% body-fat!

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👆🏾⏪Swipe Left to see how this SLF client cleaned up his habits, lifestyle and mindset & lost 25kg! 📲J. (for confidential reasons) came to SLFitness in the hope to lose weight and regain the smaller, more slender physique he once had. Having a job which involves minimal non exercises activity he knew he had to get himself into a healthy eating and fitness frame of mind. That said; the confidence wasn’t there to join a gym and so he requested that I create him home workouts to follow until he had built back his self belief. 📝88.5kg and 30% body fat in March 2018 ✅Now 64kg and 17% body fat in November 2018! ✅22cm lost from his waist ✅18cm lost from his hips ✅17.5cm lost from his chest 😲But a total of 116.5cm removed from his total body dimensions. 🎯So let’s fast forward 6 months where Client J is now feeling more confident, healthier and outgoing – enough to the point where he now follows his SLFitness Plans in a gym environment and is able to continue his journey by utilising all of the fantastic exercises that the SLFApp has to his disposal. 🥳J has changed his life for the better. He will never fall back into the habit of bad food choices again. J said “enough is enough” and decided to take action.


If you too, have achieved fantastic results with the Spencer Lissamore Fitness App, send me your story spencerlissamore@outlook.com.

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