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The Wonder Woman 10 Week Workout Schedule!

Hey! Ever wanted to look like a Super Hero?

Lazer beam eyes, bulging muscles, green skin, fire webs from your wrist’s, adamantium claws?

No not that extreme, well maybe the bulging muscles bit.

Following the overwhelming response for the Winter Soldier Shred Package comes something for all you ladies out there…

“The Wonder Woman 10 Week Workout Schedule!”

A comprehensive package consisting of: – The Wonder Woman 10 Week Workout plan, a 4 day workout schedule designed specifically for you to fit around your lifestyle (whether it be at home or in the gym). – A tailor made 10 week Nutrition plan specific to you. – Exclusive access ALL areas login on my SLFitness App.

💪🏾Get Leaner, Fitter and Healthier with the SLFitness Wonder Woman 10 Week Workout Schedule💪🏾


Why wouldn’t you want to: 1. Get in the shape you want for Christmas? 2. Get a women only exclusive package? 3. A comprehensive 10 week schedule including; Nutrition and Training? 4. Lose body fat? 5. Increase muscle? 6. Tone? 7. Lose weight? 8. Get £250 worth of Online Content and Training for just £100?

👇🏾Secure your place now!👇🏾



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