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The TOP 7 Methods used to Grow Muscle.

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When it comes to building muscle, the training methods and approaches Instructors/Coaches use can get pretty confusing. My own included.

These are incorporated by Spencer Lissamore Fitness to ensure you’re getting the very best efficiency out of your workout and maintaining a good response from the muscle fibres to allow:

– Hypertrophy

– Recovery

– Adaptability

– Functionality

So let’s go through my Top 7 Methods used to help You Grow Muscle.


1. Supersets This is when you move from one exercise to another without any rest which counts as one set.

2. Giant sets This one is a killer, same principal as above but add another exercise or 2 to the set.

3. Partials This is basically when I shorten the rep itself, so no full range of movement, this can be useful if you only want to target a certain area of the muscle or simply fatigue the muscle even more when you can’t go full range of motion.

4. A lot of heavy weight but still getting around 12-15 reps and/or failure.

5. Time Under Tension (T.U.T)

Using a variety of different tempo (speeds) for reps during each set. The slower you go the harder is comes.

Bicep curl for T.U.T

For example a 4:0:1:0 tempo would see a:

4 – second negative (eccentric movement or stretching of the muscle)

0 – no rest at the full range of motion of the exercise

1 – second positive (contraction movement or squeezing of the muscle)

0 – no rest at the fully contracted stage or full motion of the exercise.

6. 3-5 more reps on the negative phase once I am totally fatigued during the set. This is a really good method. Your negatives is the strongest phase, it will outlast the positive phase. So I sometimes like to get these last few reps to really get the most out of the set.

7. At least 50% of my workout comprising of compound movements (like squats, BB press etc..)

I hope these have helped you. Include one or two methods above in your next session. Let me know how you get on!


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– Coach Spencer Lissamore Fitness – Personal Trainer and Body Transformation Specialist



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