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The Sweet Benefits to Sugar Consumption by Spencer Lissamore Fitness.


A donut a day keeps the Doctor away. Nope, not quite dick head. But sugar certainly seems be given a very dim light in terms of nutrition. Whereas, the truth of it is; sugars can benefit us all especially those who remain within a caloric deficit and train religiously.


Metabolic Capacity and Muscle Growth

When not dieting for fat loss, individuals should be focusing on improving performance in the gym through greater aerobic performance, strength, and/or larger muscle size- dependent on each person’s particular goals.

In order to do that, and also to ensure the future dieting phases are achieved as healthy and efficiently as possible, it’s important to gradually increase total food intake. This will support better recovery, better performance, and a greater metabolic capacity by allowing the body to adapt to and effectively use greater food intakes.

When doing this, many individuals handicap themselves by cutting out sugar completely and sticking to solely “health foods”.

These individuals leave themselves bloated and unable to comfortably train at full capacity. At that point, they decide to stop increasing food intake and proceed through the rest of their growth season with a less than ideal offseason intake. Staying within your macronutrient breakdown can allow those individuals to reap the benefit of covering their bases through various fruits, vegetables, whole grains and unsaturated fats. Then utilise “fun” foods to supplement their daily food intake. An example of this is me, going to the German Market tomorrow post workout and penetrating the odd ring glazed… there’s a dodgy joke there somewhere I just can never find the hole.

Leading to more comfortably reaching a higher intake that can more effectively help them maximise their efforts. By allowing themselves to enjoy some sugar-containing foods in their diet. They can improve digestion, train harder, feel better, and set themselves up for an even more efficient dieting phase in the future.

Intra-workout Performance

For those looking to maximise strength output and performance during exercise. Fast-digesting carbohydrates during workouts (in the form of carb powders), can help reduce fatigue and improve strength output during training sessions.

If you were to limit your sugar intake, at least having some sugars during your training sessions could be beneficial. By helping to maintain blood sugar levels during exercise.

Consuming a carb powder such as pure dextrose, a sports drink like Gatorade, or a similar carbohydrate supplement provides the body with readily absorbed glucose. Preventing that “crash” feeling athletes often feel when training for extended periods of time without nutrients.

Post-Workout Glycogen Replenishment

Sugary foods can also be beneficial for consuming immediately after vigorous exercise as they support greater muscle glycogen restoration. They can help kick-starting recovery in the hours just after exercise. Although it isn’t necessary to pound sugar and a protein shake just after resistance training. It’s beneficial when focusing on replenishing glycogen before subsequent training sessions.

It is advisable for post workout shakes if training at least 4-6 hours prior to bedtime.

However, if you find yourself training late and get home just before bed time, opt for a post workout shake containing just water and whey and/or a meal with high protein, high fibre and mediocre carbohydrate – avoid giving yourself that insulin spike you would with fast acting sugars.


All science rhetoric aside momentarily, it’s just as important to keep in mind the simple enjoyment of treating yourself to the foods you like. As much as eating for health and performance is important, so too is enjoying life.

One of the most beneficial aspects of an controlled macronutrient diet plan is to stay on track with our health and physique goals. While still being able to periodically have the foods, we enjoy most.

The main aspect many “fitness professionals” leave out when promoting their 30-day challenge, or bashing macro based plans is the inability for the large majority of people to adhere to such restrictive diets over the course of their lifetime. Forever forsaking sweets, and sticking to bland foods may help with weight loss initially.

Yet, you are sure to create poor long-term relationships with food, and greater urges to binge eat on tempting foods. Learning to eat strategically with an adequate balance of nutrients, and occasional sweet treats can go a long way in promoting long-term body composition goals.

To conclude…

It’s okay to enjoy sugar in moderation. Taking anything to a restrictive or gluttonous extreme seldom turns out well for people in the long run.

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Yet, making a point to educate ourselves on the facts behind our concerns. While learning how to properly apply those facts to our daily lives can go a long way progressing as efficiently as possible while making room to enjoy life.

Have a good weekend folks and if you’re interested in a tailor made nutrition plan designed specifically to your criteria and lifestyle get in touch via DM or e-mail: spencerlissamorefitness@outlook.com





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