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The SLFitness Lifestyle Programme.

The SLFitness Lifestyle Programme.

SLFitness Proud


Is to build an online community of likely minded SLFitness members where I coach you to make sensible choices in regards to the food you eat, how to train and most importantly just believing in yourself and what you can actually achieve.

A lot of people embark on diet/workout plans, some customised, some not. But what they don’t get most of the time is support, motivation and WHY they are doing what they are doing?


Understanding the reason is very important to you, it will encourage you to continue your journey otherwise you never know the importance of what you are doing…


10 Reasons Why You Should Join The SLFitness Lifestyle Programme:

1. Every month you will receive workouts for every muscle group. 2. Tailored meal plans to follow. 3. You will be able to track your progress on your profile with photos and measurements. 4.Gain exclusive access to the closed FB group. 5. Weekly Q&A with myself (in a FB group). 6. You will learn how to sustain a healthy active lifestyle and avoid STOP/STARTS. 7. Support from myself and other fellow SLFitness members. 8. Monthly prize giveaways. 9. Notifications on ‘daily pumps’ and workout challenges. 10. Fun supporting interaction with likely minded members.

So what’s stopping you from joining SLFitness and becoming one of the many lifestyle members? Subscription starts at just £25 per month.


No contract. No bull$h*t. No spam. Just health, happiness and a bold sense of achievement each day.

For more information or to join the SLFitness Lifestyle Programme, drop me a private message.


SLFitness – “The body achieves what the mind believes.”


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