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The SLFitness App is now LIVE!

Boy am I buzzing for what is to come! Can you tell? EEK!

The SLFitness App

Calling all Android Users!

“Okay and breathe!”

The SLFitness App has landed on the Google Play Store!

Available on all Android devices and soon to be iOS devices also!

All clients are able to: ➡️ View and log their assigned workouts ➡️ View and log their assigned nutrition ➡️ Keep track of their progress via measurements and photos ➡️ Track their recent activity ➡️ Receive notifications to remind them to do their workouts, log their nutrition and upload their progress data.

The app can be as flexible as you like.

– Whether you want to have the freedom to log whatever food you want, or follow a structured meal plan.

– Do workouts whenever it suits you, or you can have a schedule assigned to you so that you are told exactly what to do and when.

The SLFitness App makes it that bit easier to help you remain on track and hit your goals.

So what you waiting for? GO DOWNLOAD IT!


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