• Transformed by Spence

The SLFitness App in motion…

The Spencer Lissamore Fitness App. Now I know you’ve heard about it. But let’s see it in action…


✅Have your own client portal

SLF Access

✅Be assigned a goal orientated workout schedule by Coach Spencer Lissamore Fitness

Back workout from the SLF App

✅Follow each workout day by day according to what is specified

Timer set for plank exercise

✅Over 2500 exercise tutorials and information on muscles engaged

Watch tutorial videos via the internal exercise guider without the need for wifi or data.

✅Track and monitor your progress every step of the way!

SLF progress photos can be uploaded to your strictly confidential portfolio

☝🏾One monthly fee zero contract.

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📩Want more information?

📥E-mail me TODAY!

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