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Welcome to the Spencer Lissamore Fitness Academy – The SLFA or also known as The SLFAcademy.


My Philosophy


If you are serious about studying to become a Personal Trainer and you are looking for the best Personal Trainer Qualifications, Fitness Courses and Fitness Instructor Training then look no further.

Our Personal Trainer Training and Fitness Courses teach how to build a career rather than just how to pass an exam.

The SLFAcademy knows better than anyone what is required to be successful as a professional Trainer as we are the only training provider with experience in recruiting and managing Personal Trainers after they graduate.

Needing a higher standard of graduate, our partners tasked us with providing Personal Trainer Courses and Personal Trainer qualifications that give their PT recruits the required support and business training.

Our partners also recognised that newly qualified Trainers will be competing for clients against experienced PT’s and lack the fitness plans and programmes that these experienced Trainers offer. That is why The SLFAcademy also provides detailed 12-week fitness plans, programmes, app access, nutrition plans and Group Training workouts that new graduates will need when pitching for new clients.

So if you want to Become a Personal Trainer and you are looking for Personal Training Courses that include a full career package rather than just a qualification then The SLFAcademy is your only choice.




Personal Training Qualifications and Careers

What is required?

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Choosing your Career Path. So here at The SLFA we have three choices:

1. I am not Qualified and want to become a Personal Trainer.

Personalied Training

2. I am already a qualified Personal Trainer and want to enhance my Qualifications.

Advanced PT.

3. I am already a Qualified Personal Trainer and want to apply for a PT position/job.





To introduce you to The SLFAcademy we are also giving you a 30-day trial access to our SLF Online Coaching App with all it’s features worth £750 for just £75.


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Over 150 clubs to choose from once you’ve qualified

Up to 6 Personal Training brands

£30 to £55 average hourly work rate

£30k to £60k average annual earnings




One course that simplifies it all… Find out ‘How to Become a Personal Trainer’ with The SLFAcademy and using this simple 6 step guide to help you understand and select your preferred choices.

#Step 1. Choose your career package.

You start by deciding whether you want a ‘Qualification and Career’ or a ‘Qualification Only’.

If you choose ‘Qualification and Career’ we will source you a position at one of our clubs for when you graduate.

Choose ‘Qualification Only’ if you wish to source your own position or if you only need a Level 2-3 qualification.

#Step 2. Choose your club.

If you want a ‘Qualification & Career’ you begin by selecting the PT company you wish to work with. The SLFAcademy is trusted by many of the UK’s leading PT brands to provide them with high quality graduated for their PT teams. Once you have chosen your PT company you then choose the club you wish to work at. We have many of the UK’s best clubs to choose from (see examples below) and we offer some of the highest earning Personal Training positions.

#Step 3. Choose how you would like to study.

To become a qualified Personal Trainer you will need a REPS or CIMSPA recognised Level 3 qualification. This is the Industry standard and is required by all major gyms and health clubs.

The SLFAcademy offers REPS and CIMSPA recognised Level 3 qualification through Active IQ, one of the UK’s leading awarding bodies.

Active IQ Certified.

There are three ways you can study for your diploma with The SLFAcademy

(1) Full Time

(2) Part Time

(3) Online Learning

“I would like to study full time.” – Get qualified by attending classes local to you only 3 days per week and qualify as a personal trainer in just 5 weeks with our fast track option. In 5 weeks you will gain your full level 3 Personal Training Diploma and earn a place in one of our prestigious clubs. Course includes 120 hours of face-to-face teaching, ensuring you get the best out of your qualification, PLUS access to our e-learning portal.

“I would like to study part time.” – Our PART-TIME learning option gives a new meaning to a rewarding Saturday. If you still want face-to-face tuition but want to spread your classroom attendance over 8 weeks then our Part-Time option is for you. In just 8 Saturdays you can become a qualified personal trainer at one of our prestigious clubs. Course includes up to 60 hours of face-to-face teaching PLUS access to our e-learning portal.

“I would like to get certified Online.” – Online Learning (also called Blended Learning) allows you to study in your own time and at your own pace using our online Classroom platform.Whenever you are ready you can book in for your practical and theoretical assessment and we offer a Tutor hotline for when you need a little extra support.

#Step 4. Choose your level.

Level 2 and Level 3 – If you currently hold no fitness qualifications or a Level 1 only, then you will need to complete both a Level 2 in Fitness Instruction and a Level 3 in Personal Training.

Level 3 Only – If you already hold a REPS or CIMSPA recognised Level 2 qualification in Fitness Instruction then you will only need to complete a Level 3 in Personal Training.

#Step 5. Choose your location.




Choose where you would like to attend your course, workshops and assessments. E.g. London, Midlands or North.

#Step 6. Choose how you’d like to pay.

There are 3 ways your can pay for your course depending on your budget and how quickly you wish to complete your course.

1. In full – Instant access to full course. No credit checks required.

2. Finances your course – Instant access to full course, low monthly payments, 0% interest on payments.

3. Payment plan – Low monthly payments, 0% interest on payments, Instalments spread over 6 months. No credit check required.




We highly recommend a Skype or Club Visit before you book your course as this is the very best way to find out everything you need to know about How to Become a Personal Trainer.

If you are ready to Book your course now all you need to do is visit our website and click on the BOOK button and then select your preferred option.

We would like to thank you for considering The SLFAcademy as your preferred course provider and we look forward to seeing you on one of our courses soon.


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