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The SLF All Access Pass

SLF Access.

Let’s face it, you don’t want to waste time on something that may or may not help you achieve the results you want…

You wouldn’t want to sit down and search for endless hours trying to find out what series is right for you.

Trialling, testing different pilot shows to find you have wasted the only 2 hours of your busy working week watching a shite opening to a “go nowhere” television programme.


Introducing the Netflix for Fitness…


Instantly access any program, for any goal, anytime, any place, all available from the touch of your digital device. The SLFitness programmes are designed specifically with you in mind.



Want an exclusive female body transformation?
Want to be able to improve your explosive speed and agility?
Or want a six pack in as little as a month?

Achieve the body you’ve always wanted. Get lifetime access to all the programs, diet plans, guides and more for just £50 per month.

Use on any device (iOS & Android)

No subscription

Lifetime access

Suitable for any starting level of fitness. With beginner, intermediate, advanced programmes you can pick the programme to suite your goal.

Want to get there even FASTER?


Personalised diet plans…

Tailor made nutrition plan.

Fuel your body to build muscle, shred fat or get strong with your own personalised diet plan designed every 12 weeks.


Achieve your goals faster…

SLF All Access.

Workout the smart way…

Record weights trained and track progress.

Workout smarter not harder. Tried and tested programmes all based on established methods. Achieve any of your goals ay any time with instant access to highly effective programs, plus every new program SLF releases is free.


No guess work…

SLF Nutrition plans.

Expert support with the touch of a button using the chat and messenger service integrated within the SLF app. Tailor made plans means taking the guesswork out of building the body you want with expert formulae and breakdown available whenever you need it.


Always stay motivated…

SLF App.

The SLF App hosts an array of services all designed with you in mind; from shopping lists for your nutrition plan to fully customisable workout plans. Staying motivated and accountable has never been easier.


Limited time offer…

Record all body weight and measurements including blood pressure and resting heart rate.

Just £50 per month will get you all of the above and…

Upload progress photographs on your portal with full FitBit integration.

Available now to purchase HERE.


But don’t just take my word for it… hear what others had to say about the SLF App…

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