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The Arena. Your Arena. Make a stand.

So I went to Rome in March. And it got me reading up even more into what went on in the arena. We’ve all seen the movies, slaves turn to gladiators turning into super heroes by mastering the art of fighting, killing and entertaining the crowd, fighting for their freedom.

But today’s post is regarding focus and mastery.

These men, their focus was mastering the art of fighting, the sword and using their bare hands, leading up to the day they stepped into the arena, and then if they were victorious, they went back to honing ones’ skills, becoming better, stronger, fitter and faster in preparation for the next pirate to bring his best slave from overseas.




These focuses helped them become masters at their craft. What is your arena then? Your arena is your life. You want to become a master of your life and your a gladiator within the gym. Show raw dedication to becoming the absolute master of your craft and training and you shall become victorious in every battle you do against your workout.

Become more powerful, more muscular but also, the mental side. Work on your virtues, your courage, toughness, values.

Here at SLFitness I am dedicated to creating packages that help you to help yourself. If you want to drastically increase:

Muscle mass

Masculine mindset


Mental strength


Self worth

Then get in touch today where we will go through a consultation, assess your needs through analysis techniques I have developed over the years and create a tailor made plan to create the best version of you there is!

I am not making efforts to reach every man out there on a journey to become their best. I am making efforts for the man that wants to change from one extreme to another and feel Alpha.

So make a stand today.

“The body achieves, what the mind believes.”

– Coach SLF

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