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The 1km row challenge: SLFitness

Just a quick one from me now… so at the start of last week I set a quick challenge of my clients and other PureGym members.

1000m (1km) distance row for time.

Quick and easy right? Hm… not quite… a intense 3-5 minutes for most but a great way to burn quick calories! So begs the question, how did everybody do?

The females and gents gave it their all over the week testing themselves during the day/week. And the results show for themselves…

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Some of the best times from 03:13 to 03:45 for the men.

Some of the best times from 04:05 to 04:45 for the women.

Outstanding work all! Stay tuned for more #SLFitness tests as I release The SLFitness Archon Combine Assessment Tests over the coming weeks covering:

1. Anaerobic capacity

2. Agility tests

3. Aerobic capacity

4. Power assessment tests

5. Strength assessment test.


You’re ready to discover how the platform can assist you in your journey whether that’s by completing the assessments, creating a combine or watching the videos and checking out the articles on how to deliver the best performance possible when it comes to measuring your ability.

So navigate the platform and experience all that Archon has to offer and if you have any questions please visit the FAQ section where you can submit a query and we’ll get back to you as soon as we’ve finished our own training.


Programmes will be made available through SLFitness over the next few weeks so keep an eye out!

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