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The 10 Week Winter Soldier Shred Package!

❄️SLFitness 10 Week Winter Soldier Shred❄️

A fully tailored 10 week Winter Soldier Shred schedule.

Individual 10 week nutrition plan for the client with adjustments on weeks 4 and 8 to check macro nutrient breakdown and optimal progression. Complete with a 4 day split training programme and full access to the SLFitness application available across all digital devices.

Guaranteed results with flexibility for you as a client, so what are you waiting for?

Just £50.00 for 10 weeks! (WAS £100.00!)

10 week shredding plan

Flexible dieting approach

Enjoyable nutrition plan tailored specifically to you!

4 day/week training split

Reduce body fat and get SHREDDED!

Increase strength.

Create volumised muscles!

Guaranteed results in 10 weeks!

👥One to One Fitness Coaching Worth £500 now only £50!👥


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💪🏾Get Leaner, Fitter and Healthier with the SLFitness 10 Week Winter Soldier Shred💪🏾

✅Train 4 times a week ✅Eat only the foods you enjoy ✅All whilst continuing your social life – 🍗A cheeky Nando’s with friends 🍾🥂Drink alcohol 🎁Attend festive gatherings


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