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Spencer Lissamore Fitness Transformation of the Month – December


This time the transformation of the month goes to Online client – Toby Dormer-Woolley. His continued effort and determination has far excelled any other client this month in his push to get as lean as possible ready for his holiday in Thailand, and he did just that!

But don’t just take my word for it hear what Toby had to say for himself:

Transformation from fat to fit

“The reason I seeked to get a PT was because I was sick to death with how I felt about the way I looked and how that effected my self confidence, I chose SLF because I saw he was in shape year round for many years and thought the knowledge he was sharing was very valuable and had a clear understanding of how to achieve the physique I wanted out of training & nutrition.

I have managed to achieve my goal of a lean physique but not only that I have achieved the best physique I have ever had in my life and I didn’t think it would be possible to better my earlier years, I have gone from a 34″+ waist to under 30″ waist, without SLF none of this would have been possible because I could never have full understanding of how the nutrition worked to keep aiding fat loss and SLF has the perfect knowledge! I enjoy the app because it’s an easy way for me to access my workouts and nutrition he sets for me on a 4-week basis and it even allows me to see videos of exercises I’m not familiar with or need to see how to have suitable form with.

From 15.8% body fat to 7.6%

Finally I enjoy having SLFitness over anyone else as a PT because he gives me upmost effort to give me the knowledge I need to go out and build my physique, he caters to my needs and keeps me motivated and congratulates me when it’s deserved and doing so keeps me on track to continue to constantly improve and I’d recommend it to anyone else thinking about starting with spencer, because I’ve found with my improved health and physique it effects every other part of my life weather it business, love life or mental well being in an extremely positive way I could never imagine,

Thank you so much spence!”

Toby D Woolley – Online Client Poole, Dorset

Toby is now undergoing a lean bulk plan by SLFitness however his stats to date are:

Transformation in just 8 weeks!

Body fat removed: 7.2kg!

Chest diameter: Up 6cm!

Hips: Down 1cm!

Waist: 34 inches to 30 inches!

Total weight lost: 8.5kg (18.74lbs)!

His single digit body fat could also be achievable for yourself. If shredding for a big summer party or occasion sounds like your type of thing then do not hesitate to contact me on:


Toby before his holiday to Thailand
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