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Spencer Lissamore Fitness ABS programme

This is what happens when you don’t train abdominals.

Large core

Failing to train your core, failing to do cardiovascular is preparation for an epic fail. Ever hit the gym purely out of routine… instead of chasing something?


Don’t feel bad, many do.

And it finally hit many of my clients before going on holiday… “Jesus, I’ll have my bikini on.”


I help my clients realise they have a goal.

The SLFitness ABS programme

they realise getting a good mid-section isn’t such a dream after all. The perfect time for Summer and YOU?!

Finally you have a goal… something to strive for. instead of wandering in the gym to add a rep or 2.5kg on. Let’s prepare for something epic… here is what some clients had to say:

Dave: “I’ve never had a real ‘goal’. I cannot stress the importance of this now looking back… I recommend it’s a MUST when you’re looking to get a physique you could of only dream of.”

I make my clients do cardiovascular exercise. I make my clients do abdominals. In fact… at one point I made a client drop their carbohydrates by half and they started losing weight AGAIN. They then hit a week out from their holiday to Cancun and what happened?

Abdominals started to appear. Shreds and some proud balcony and poolside photographs alongside.

I will let Jase say the rest:

“I cannot recommend Spence enough… if you’re thinking of making a change in your body, stepping on stage or being healthier all-around… I would strongly recommend getting in touch with him.”

Jason took the decision to apply for the SLFitness 8 Week Male Muscle gain program followed by the SLFitness Male Fat Loss Nutrition program.

12 weeks and look at the results. Start 2018 in the strongest way possible. Start 2018 with a goal!

Dom, Jason and Mitch.

Have a great weekend folks!


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