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Spencer Lissamore Fitness – 12 month testimonial

I have been with my PT Spencer aka SLFitness for 12 months on the 2nd November 2017 and it got me thinking about what I have learnt over the last 12 months for having a PT the positive’s / negatives and is it worth having a PT or could I have done it on your own.

I joined Pure Gym thinking that because I was not held to a 12 months membership and if I didn’t like it I could stop, which was a very strong possibility because I was in my 50s and had not been in a gym or really done any sort of workout since my 20s. I was over weight and had a wardrobe full of over sized tops and leggings. I am not sure what made me join the gym but I knew I wanted to change the way I was.

I had been at the gym for a few months doing a few classes a week but never really using the equipment and didn’t know what I should really be doing to progress. Then one morning a new instructor came bounding into a Fat Burn class at Pure Gym Hednesford and said he would be taking the class that morning. Most instructors taking there first class are normally quiet and reserved this was however not Spencer he was from the start and still is full of energy and enthusiasm a whirlwind at 6.30am. He explained what every routine did for you which muscles you were working and he showed you how to do the routine and did every one with you and still does this in every class today, unlike some instructors who tell you what to do but don’t do the routine with you. I walked out of that class thinking I like this instructor and that I had gained something for the first time from a class. I booked on a few more classes that Spencer was doing and after a month decided that if I wanted to seriously improve my fitness and health then I needed more one to one help and this is when I approached Spencer and asked him if he would be my PT.

I have not looked back since that day.

Have I changed – YES

I am a more positive, confident person and believe that if I put my mind to it I can achieve it. This is all down to the fact I am fitter, lighter and slimmer and when I look in the mirror I like what I see. No more leggings with over sized tops. I understand more about my health, fitness, diet and how to improve and keep improving . I have gone from being in the gym 2 days a week to 6 days a week (this would be 7 days but on strict instructions from Spencer I have to have one rest day) for classes, PT and my own workouts using equipment that I would never have understood how to use 12 months ago or felt confident using them and this is all down to Spencer with out his help I would still be stumbling around in the dark. Yes I have my bad days but I know Spencer is there and will always get me back on track.

Before I met Spencer Lissamore Fitness.

Followed by the new me; feeling confident and proud of my achievements thus far.

In my opinion if you were making a favourite snack of Spencer’s it would be a carb killer bar and if you used the following words as the ingredients it would make Spencer aka SLFitness

Patience , Knowledgeable, Positive, Friendly, Funny, Understanding, Pushing, Accessible,


• Patience – In showing you new routines and explaining the benefits of the routine

• Knowledgeable – In fitness from workouts through to nutrition constantly learning and blogging to pass on information to his clients

• Positive – If he ever feels negative he never shows it during PT sessions and he always makes you feel positive about yourself and your workouts and life in general

• Friendly – Talks to every one – what more can I say

• Funny – Just look at some of his facial expressions during classes

• Understanding – Will always listen to you your concerns and problems that you may be going through both in and outside of the gym

• Pushing – Constantly pushing you to the next level to improve your fitness

• Accessible – 24/7 via txt, web and social media

• 100% – Always there for you. Can Not Do This are not words he uses or lets you use during PT sessions.

I can honestly say that I can not think of one negative for having Spencer as my PT sickening I know .

What have I learnt over the last 12 months – To be more positive about myself, I understand my body more both through fitness and nutrition. Patience and Perseverance results don’t happen over night.

Could I have done it on my own – Yes if I wanted to spend hours on the web researching routines and how to do them, learning about nutrition and always second guessing myself if I had got the routine correct or I had understood what I had read about nutrition plus if I had the time to do all this .

Would I have done it on my own – No I need the one to one that a PT gives the guidance and reassurance that you get and I look forward to my PT sessions they set me up for the day.

Is it worth having a PT – A BIG FAT YES if you get the right one, and I defiantly got the right one for me with Spencer. Over the last 12 months I have found Spencer invaluable in my journey to improve my fitness he has been there guiding me every step of the way, picking me up when I fall giving me a kick when I need it. My health has improved I have lost 2 stone in weight my body fat is down and I have a more toned body shape and because of this I feel more confident. My daughters friends think I am inspirational for the time I work out which makes me feel proud of myself. I have changed as a person to the point that I have in the last year got tattoos something I have always wanted to do. There are also added benefits having Spencer as my PT he makes working out Fun so one hour PT feels like 5 minutes most of the time. He has become a friend and during the last year when I have been going through a period of personal loss and when the emotions got the better of me during PT sessions he understood this and helped me get through it. I look forward to another 12 months continuing the fitness journey with Spencer not only as my PT but as a friend also.

So 12 months ago I made the best decision regarding improving my fitness level and that was approaching Spencer and asking to book my first PT session.

Thanks Spencer aka SLFitness for all your help and support over the last 12 months and for the next 12 months helping me reach every new goal we set.

Trisha Wilshire.

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