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Sounds like a bad trip to MingMoon.

Nutrition with the SLFApp

Now, I know that for some people, their structure and accountability works really well. I have ZERO doubt that what they do works. However a particular advert really pissed me off frankly, “zero point” foods.

Foods which you can literally eat in unlimited quantity…

To use their terminology, these are foods that don’t require you to “weigh, measure, or track them”.

These foods, along with others, include:



Skinless chicken breast





You’re not going to eat yourself full with peas, beans and seafood else you’d have the worse smelling breathe and farts going!

They support this concept saying that this method gives their members less hunger and cravings with more flexibility.

Well running to the toilet to let off an explosive shart will definitely keep you mobile!


You’ve probably guessed by now, I at

Spencer Lissamore Fitness think this is absolute bollocks!


Here’s why…

It’s hard enough to ensure that everything is tracked and calories are in line even when we’re really trying to track everything.

So, 100% effort into weighing, measuring and tracking and fat loss can still stall or even reverse.

In addition, when things slow down and you need to adjust it’s nearly impossible to know whether progress has slowed because calorie targets are too high…

…or you’ve been going too heavy on that all you can eat buffet of Salmon… (sounds like a bad trip to MingMoon) *shudders*

See, when it comes to achieving fitness and physique goals, especially fat loss goals, we can’t be trusted.

When hunger and cravings kick in, we need rules and boundaries to follow and we need to remove any element of “just go by hunger”.

If the goal is to manage hunger and increase freedom, there are ways to do that without risking causing the whole thing to fail and fall apart.

What annoys me even more than this is when coaches criticise a method without actually offering an alternative or a solution.

I really believe that if you’re going to criticise something, it’s only right to offer an alternative suggestion.

I actually am here to offer you a solution.

It’s called the SLFitness App.

In short, rather than overcomplicating things with points, free foods and HIIT workouts, I teach you how to change your life with a few basic principles.

Principles that over 200 people have now used to totally transform their fitness, body and health.

Due to the nature of the coaching I offer and the level of customisation, I only open this at certain times in the year.

In fact, if you read my e-mails often, you’ll have seen that I last opened this up several months ago for only 8 people.

Well I am doing it all again!

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Healthy Regards,

Coach Spence.



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