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SLFitness App Results Tracker

SLFApp results tracker
SLFApp results tracker

Hi guys, Spencer Lissamore here from Spencer Lissamore Fitness so…

As part of the SLFitness App and as a SLFitness member you’ll be entitled to receiving your weekly check-in data. This captures:

– Specific exercises (resistance) performed and collates the weights lifted, rep range reached, duration and frequency of that particular exercises. – Compares that data alongside a timeline to exactly how long your goal was set to be achieved. – Gives you a real time look at how your strength is progressing on your plan. – Areas for improvement. – Muscle group specific searches allow me as your Coach and you as my Client to hone in on how a certain area is developing in stamina/strength.

Here we can see the progressive strength of one client Steve on his chest over the course of the past 8 weeks as this was when he purchased his lean bulk plan. The coloured linear graph showing exercises such as; decline barbell bench press, flat dumbbell chest press and pec deck as these were incorporated into his strength training.


In another example, scrolling down will allow both Coach and Client to see the weights used for each rep range in their categorised exercises on those set dates.

For example; 16th May 2018 saw that Toby increased the weight from 50kg to 60kg then onto 70kg as the rep range decreased from 15 to 12 then onto 10. The protocol here being progressive overload.

The exercise selector will allow both you and myself as your Coach to choose certain exercises and review their progress over the course of your chosen programme.


My Online Client and 1:1 Personal Training applications have opened so if you want to make a change and enter 2019 in your best stead then drop me a Direct Message today.

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