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SLF Post Holiday Detox Methods.


So you’ve had your holiday.

Enjoyed all the pleasantries – whether it be; all inclusive, half board or bed and breakfast.


Returned and have stepped on the scales to see quite the increase in bodyweight and body-fat.

The key to getting back on track? Getting back on track with an immediate detox!

Here are my SLFitness steps to a Post Holiday Detox:

Step 1. Hydrate (and not with alcohol)

Drinking 3-4L of water each day will flush out all the toxins, keep the body from hanging onto unwanted fat and keep the skin hydrated.

Step 2. Cut out Alcohol

There is no way you can detox if you’re drinking alcohol. You want to remove toxins from your body not put more in. *Lemon-water is a great detox drink.

Step 3. Increase vegetable intake

Full of anti-oxidants these will promote natural cleansing.

Step 4. Decrease sugar and processed foods

Cut back on fruit juice, dried fruit, breads, muffins, sweets, cookies and crisps.

Step 5. Patience and Consistency rule all

Stick to the course and it will all pay off regardless of the duration. (Rome wasn’t built in a day).


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