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SLF 5 Day Fat Torcher – Day 3

Day 3 – The SLF 5 Day Fat Torcher Workout Challenge to Burn Fat & Build Lean Muscle – HIIT Cardio & Abs

This brutal but fun HIIT and abs workout is going to have you swimming in sweat! The HIIT workout is an incredibly effective fat burner that will quickly boost your cardiovascular endurance, and the core workout is going to hit all of the muscles throughout your entire midsection.

On day three your whole body should be sore but your legs should be starting to feel a bit better. Today’s workout will give you the option to hit those legs hard again, with another HIIT routine, or if they are still just too sore, then you can opt for the easier modifications we show.

Remember though, to always listen to your body and if you are too sore to exercise then take a break and start back in on the next day you feel up to it. Pushing yourself is good but over training will only slow you down on your way to reaching your fitness and health goals.

No matter which way you choose, we will also be tackling the abs, lower back and obliques with a core exercise coupled with each HIIT exercise. The set up used in today’s workout will not only allow you to get your heart rate up with some intense HIIT but it will also give you some “rest” while tackling the core.

Workout Structure

Length: 52 Minutes Strategy: Fat burning cardio HIIT and abs Equipment: Optional dumbbells (or any other kind of weight) Calories Burned: 258 – 572

Routine: In this workout we will be starting with a light cardio warm up then jump directly in to our first group in a total of eight. Each group will be one HIIT exercise and one core exercise done back to back. We will be preforming this section in a Tabata style interval of 20 seconds of activity and 10 seconds of rest for every set. We will alternate between the two exercises in an AABB pattern twice through for a total of 8 sets; 4 per exercise in each group.

Printable Workout

Warm Up Cardio: 8 exercises done for 30 seconds each.

HIIT & Core Combination: – Jump Squat + Front Kick (alternating) – Single Leg Jackknife Crunch

– Split Jump Burpee – Plank In & Outs

Water Break

– Gorilla Squats – Back Bow

– Rocket Squats – Russian Twist

– Switchfoot Jumps – Side Hip Raise (L & R)

Optional Rest/Water Break

– Heel Taps + Jump – Toe Touch Crunch

– Mt Climbers – Swimmers

– Runners – Reverse Crunch

Cardio Burnout Round; 40 On, 10 Off

– Up & Out Jacks – Twisted Climbers – Heel Tap Jumps – Bicycle Crunches – Walkdown + Back Bow

Cool Down & Stretch

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