• Transformed by Spence

Set this as your iPhone background.

Because who uses Android? *shudders*

“Hi Guys, Spencer Lissamore Fitness here. So…”

It’s been a while since you had some motivation staring back at you every time you get your phone out.

I’ve just made this for my phone, and it helps me push beyond average, hopefully it’ll do the same for you!

Save the images below and set them as your background.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is important to keep your mindset engaged at all times. Losing focus on your task will make you lose focus on your goal. Achieve everything you’ve ever desired with the right mental state. This is why I created Spencer Lissamore Fitness, this is why I created these SLF Wallpapers and Lock Screeners.


Because sometimes we just need a little guidance to enable us to continue our journey towards reaching our next destination.

Remain true to yourself.

Remain focused.

Remain apart of SLF.


Have a great week folks and if you have any queries or questions regarding how to start, resume or change direction of your fitness journey do not hesistate to get in touch.

– Coach SL.

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