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Self Sabotage.

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I was speaking to a guy in a hotel lobby yesterday about self sabotage.

The act of destroying your chances of success, seemingly intentionally.

It sounds dumb, but it happens way more than you think.

As humans we are designed to avoid failure…

Failure means wasted energy, or embarrassment in front of our family or tribe.

Our brain doesn’t understand that failure in some tasks isn’t that bad, and in fact can even be good, so the brain will lean towards self sabotage…

It can mean making endless mistakes on a project because you know once it’s completed you move on to bigger better things and that scare you. That makes you put a big risk in for even BIGGER gain!

It can mean missing gym sessions with what appear to be great excuses because then there is a reason why you didn’t achieve that physique you wanted… it wasn’t through lack of effort, it was simply this great excuse that made training impossible…

Whatever your goal is be aware that self sabotage is a thing… it’s a thing that claims the success of many people, men and women.


Don’t let it apply to you.


Be aware of it, understand that failure is simply a stepping stone, a learning point, something that lets you know you are outside of your comfort zone and that is good.

If you’re failing, it means you’re doing something hard, and if you’re doing something hard you’re doing something worth doing.

So failing is good, but only when you keep failing until you win.

“The Body Achieves, What The Mind Believes.”

Until next time.

Coach Spence.

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