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Santa Shred 6 Week Transformations by SLFitness

I have some exciting news! Firstly, I would like to announce the Santa Shred Winners for December!

Female – Kirstie Braithwaite

An amazing transformation. Kirstie lost 8kg in 6 weeks and transformed her motivation for fitness!

✅Waist has dropped 16cm!

✅Hips have dropped 16cm!

✅Body fat has dropped dramatically!

Male – Bill Whittle

Bill has bulked up exponentially and gained some serious (6kg muscle mass). Whilst keeping a calm 20% body fat.

✅Lean muscle mass gained!

✅Body fat kept stable throughout!

✅Muscle density increased!

Congratulations to both of these clients. Awesome results! This was one of my best challenges to date and I’ve had some fantastic results from everybody who took part in the cutting and bulking programmes.

☀️Summer Shred 2018 applications open towards the end of this week! You’ll going to want to book a space on this one as interest is HIGH! What’s included you say?

An 8 week tailored nutrition plan – it doesn’t matter if you’re a vegetarian or have a phobia of Tupperware boxes it is tailored to your needs and your needs only.

An 8 week training programme – the secret to my insane transformations is not only in my nutrition programming but also in my fat loss protocol and principals through training. Rest assured, your personalised training regime will be structured to suit you and I will ensure that it is both challenging and fun whether you are a complete training novice or the next Arnold or Super Woman!

SLFitness Facebook Community Client Hub – you’re never on your own when it comes to support! All the help is supplied here and with the closed Facebook community you’re surrounded by similar minded people on the same journey as you!

The SLFitness app – this thing is pretty cool! You will have your nutrition plan, training plan and communication with myself all in one place. Open the app at the gym and your training routine is in front of you ready when you are! Take your app to the supermarket and you have your shopping list of everything you need to make your meals. 🥦 You can also message me directly should you need assistance with anything fitness or nutrition related. X

I AM NOT LOOKING FOR THE PERSON WHO GOT THE MOST RIPPED AND LOST THE MOST WEIGHT! I am looking for people whose lives have genuinely been transformed by this programme and to ensure my clients are happy and their lifestyle changes have made them a better person long term. 🙏🏾☝🏾☺️

📩So make sure you’ve set the date and booked in with myself for your slot.

Have a great week folks. 🧡


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