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Santa is cuming.

Now I’ve got your attention.

So we’ve just entered the penultimate month of 2018.

Santa is coming*.

The main stress of not knowing what to buy your loved ones.

Well don’t worry!

Because as of now you can buy whoever you like a gift of a 12 week SLFitness transformation package.

The membership is not activated until that person desires.

However, let’s be honest.

December isn’t the best time to start a diet and get on top of a training regime.

It’s a good time to get things moving, a trial run of the gym, familiarise yourself with the equipment and bad attitude of the staff etc.

So why not purchase a loved one, family friend, partner or even someone who just needs it 12 weeks with me as their coach as their present.

Then you get them to activate it on January 1st, coincidentally on the same day every male goes to train chest. Which is actually a Tuesday (I know I’m shocked too!).

So if you’re a member, head into your account area and purchase a fresh plan for 2019!

If you’re not yet a member, setting up a SLF account is free and takes about 43 seconds.


This is not just a gift of 12 weeks online PT…


You can make a positive impact on not only the person your purchase for but every person who surrounds them in their life.

1st of January, calories set, training plan created by myself, knowledge in hand which will stay for you forever.

Never alone and fully immersed in a huge community of like minded individuals.

Support from not only me but some coaches I trust to help support me with all elements of fitness, nutrition & training.

Click HERE to download today.


I’ve just launched my 28 day bodyweight blitz challenge, easy you think? Grab a copy HERE.

Healthy Regards,

Coach SLF.


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