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Same sh*t, different year…

New Year

Or is it?

So as 2018 draws to a close we start to reminisce on the good times we had over the months.

January can be a hard month for a lot of us;

We’re skint from buying presents.

Jason didn’t propose.

Pay day is 5 weeks away.

New Pre-Christmas clothing is tight.

Leanne’s going on a spa break with the girls.

We’re sick of chocolate and alcohol.

Work is around the corner.

Your daughter is gutted you didn’t spend 2 grand on a New MacBook Pro.

So let’s do the usual shall we and say “right time to knuckle down.”


There are less distractions to throw you off of your course.

Momentum and habitual change are hand in hand at come this time of the year.

Once the mind and body have built a habit of doing something for 28 days, it settles and tends to become a major factor of our lives.

So let’s consider doing this habit for 12 weeks (3 months). You’re now recognised as someone who frequently trains, is mindful of their food and has a good understanding of many elements of training and nutrition all due to the support and training from Coach Spencer Lissamore Fitness.

Come April you’re now logging less, because you’re more intuitive with your eating.

You now know the rough idea of calories and that peanut butter on toast isn’t actually a smart nutritional move when dieting.

You’re now actually checking your training programme less and less.

You’re starting to look sexy and feel great! Confidence and self-esteem restored!

You’re now more experienced with your training and you’ve got so many workouts in your knowledge bank that even if your 2 favourite bits of equipment are busy you can wing it.

So we move into 2019 very shortly – it doesn’t have to be 12 months of labour.


There are many paths for your fitness journey you can take, and Spencer Lissamore Fitness has several different programmes which are all available to you.

Even if you’re unsure, simply book a call with me and we’ll go through your FREE consultation to discuss what would be best suited for you and then tailor that package again so it falls perfectly in-line with your busy schedule.

1. So you’ve expressed interest in a plan

2. Schedule your call with myself

3. Found your perfect plan and made start

4. 12 weeks have passed and you’re in the best shape and frame of mind in your life!

Oh and what is the added bonus? –

It’s now Summer season. Time to blow the dust off that size 8 bikini Jess and pull those Speedos from the top shelf Derek.

So I guess what I’m saying is…

Let’s work together and get you to where you want to be in 2019.











Ok I’m all out of Goodbyes.

Instead, let’s start saying Hello!

There’s a bloody good opportunity to get momentum going which will last you the rest of your life.

Take this opportunity. There is no better time to start like the present.

Create a free SLFitness account today, use the FREE 5 Day Fat Loss Trial.

When the ball gets moving I’ll be here to give you a programme you need surrounded by all the education you can take for life.

If you give up ONE NIGHT OUT in the next 3 months.

It’d pay for your 3 month membership.

Also entry to the £100 GymShark vouchers giveaway.

The 12 Week Transformation enrolment process ends at 00:00 tonight. After then it’s double the price to join…

You have 2 more weeks to enrol on the 10 Week Transformation

But reply to this email and we can always sort something out.

Happy New Year have a great one and Stay Safe.

See you in 2019!

Healthy Regards,

Coach SLF.


Instagram: @transformedbyspence


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