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"Run until you're sick!"

“Just a quick one today then.” – they’re always quick? (That’s what she said).


“Run until you’re sick.”

“Do box jumps for 10 minutes without stopping.”

“1000 burpees today.”

Again, it’s not hard to fatigue someone.

Now hopefully you can testify to the fact that it’s not hard to make someone tired from training.

There are a million protocols for obtaining a hypo caloric diet (deficit) too.

“Only eat in a one hour window.” – Some extreme Intermittent Fast

“Don’t eat carbs.” – They’re construed as bad after 18:00. Suck ass are they.

“Don’t eat after 6pm.” – It will sit on your stomach and immediately turn to fat whilst you sleep.

Etc. Etc.

It’s not hard to get someone lean.

If I put you all on 1000 calories a day, you’d get lean.

It’s not hard to train someone.


The points that are overlooked by your Personal Trainer however are:

1. Balance

2. Sustainability

3. Adherence

If you Personal Trainer is taking your money, putting you on a treadmill for 20 minutes of your 60 minute session. Making you do bodyweight exercises until you’re physically and mentally fucked I have news for you.

You need a new Personal Trainer.

Better still, you need to save your money. So how do you do that?

You trial the SLFitness App with all the workouts, support and nutrition information you need to achieve your goal. But this time is will cost you £50.

Jackie dear, let’s say you see David at PureGym twice a week. £30 an hour. £60 a week, £240 a month, £2880 a year. Of which you’ve made minimal results and when you leave those revolving doors. You don’t hear from him until the following week when he get you doing the same thing you did 2 weeks ago…


Do the math. Trial my SLFitness App FREE today HERE.


24/7 support.

Nutrition Plan designed for you.

A Workout Plan tailored to your busy weekly schedule.

A 1:1 initial consultation (as long as you don’t live in Hong Kong).

A itemised Shopping List.

Me as your Coach.

Bi-weekly check-ins.


Progress Tracking.

Me as your Coach.

Access to my App at any gym, any time.

Direct Messaging system.

Did I mention me as your Coach?

Healthy Regards,

Coach Spencer Lissamore Fitness


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