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Rest Day Training?



Spencer Lissamore Fitness here, soooo… I just finished a brutal training session, it wasn’t in the programme, it was meant to be a rest day, but I just had that urge to go throw some weights around.

I get asked a lot “What if I want to train on my rest day?”

Rest is important, that whole ‘your muscles grow at rest not in the gym’ rings true.

That being said, humans are made to be active, a rest day should be active rest, not slobbing out in front of the tele, (except while the 6 Nations or Suits is on).

A steady state run is fine, a light gym session or a hike is perfect.

But if like me, you get that itch to go and destroy the gym on your rest day you need to make adjustments.

The main thing, a calorie adjustment…

Pack an extra meal in. Your rest day is there for your body to recover so if you hit the gym and push up your total daily energy expenditure then extra calories are needed.

There is no need to calculate it and get technical, just put in a high carb high protein meal post workout and resume eating as normal.

Supplement wise, an extra helping of BCAA’s will be ideal, you can learn more about other supplements that will your body repair stronger and recover faster with ‘SLF ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SUPPLEMENTS & MULTIVITAMINS FOR MEN & WOMEN‘ if you received it as a bonus when you purchased another programme buzzing!

If you didn’t, you can get it as a bonus HERE.

The final adjustment depends on your main effort.

The younger generations main effort seems to be chest, which is why Monday is known as ‘international chest day’ by gym Bros.

So after a long weekends rest they will be at their freshest and most rested first thing Monday to hit their main effort muscle group with maximum effort and intensity.

If you’ve placed your main effort on a Monday, and your rest day is Sunday and you get THE URGE like I did…. push everything over to the right.

That means resting Monday and hitting the main effort Tuesday.

If you want to step up your routine and reach optimal size, strength, fitness and definition I strongly recommend training programme cycling.

Attack every aspect effectively and efficiently.

The cycle of my top performing followers (while following a SLFitness High Protein Muscle Gain nutrition plan):

8-10 Weeks High Volume 5 Day Split.

72 Days High Protein Nutrition plan.

6 Weeks 5×5 GVT Training plan.

72 Days High Protein Nutrition plan.

& Repeat

This cycle is designed to manipulate the bodies ability to adapt and evolve with perfect intensity and consistency is promote huge gains in size, strength, fitness and definition.

Take your training cycle to the next level with all these programmes,


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Spencer Lissamore Fitness

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