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Recovery, Sleep and the Return…

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Hey guys, Spencer Lissamore Fitness here, so…

Today I am going to discuss Recovery and Sleep –

Everyone is familiar with the phase ‘you don’t grow in the gym’ – key point here being that the gym is a mere stimulus we activate and in doing so, we force our body to adapt (hypertrophy aka muscle growth).

This adaptation is dependant on several factors including the mTOR pathway, growth hormone, nitrogen balance and much, much more.

The autonomic nervous system regulates our recovery when we sleep – it is a system which our body clock (circadian rhythm) is mediated.

Understand your body...

Essentially, if we desire consistent hormonal reaction when we sleep, of the anabolic signals such as GH, T (testosterone) release, IGF-1 (insulin growth factor) secretion etc, then we must be willing to put serious effort into maintaining some kind of sleeping pattern.




This is the drug of choice for you insomniacs out there, these mimic the bodies own secretion of melatonin (the sleepiness regulator) and basically tells your body that it is time to activate the autonomic nervous system and begin the recovery process.

Drugs such as the above are however POM (prescription only medication) and thus require medical advice.

Bodybuilders and Trenbolone (a steroid with a high anabolic rating) addicts will be all too familiar with insomnia and the infamous ‘night sweats’ for these, other drugs such as Zopiclone (a nonbenzodiazpine hypnotic) would benefit as they do not act on the muscle relaxant receptors.

Next time I will be covering natural sleeping and recovery supplementation such as ZMA.


Thanks for reading and have a great week!

– Coach SLF.

Spencer Lissamore Fitness – Personal Trainer & Body Transformation Specialist

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