• Transformed by Spence

Pretend you just have one shot at this!

On a typical day, I get dozens of questions. When you work as hard as I have to get to the position I’ve reached, it goes with the territory. But I rarely see a good question. Instead, I’ll get questions like, "I’m looking to get started with online plan. Any tips?" Would I have created Transformed by Spence if I thought the process could be summed up with a few tips? Questions like that are a waste of everyone’s time. Nobody can help until you ask a good question, and you can’t ask a good question until you figure out what you can learn on your own and what you can only learn from an expert. Imagine email didn’t exist. Imagine you couldn’t send a DM to anyone you want on Facebook or Instagram. Imagine you have to write a letter, send it in the mail, and wait six weeks to get a response. Would you do some research before you wrote that letter? Would you make your question as clear and specific as possible? Pretend you only have one shot at this. And if you decide to send a letter? Consider putting a custom stamp on the envelope.

Speak soon,

Coach Transformed by Spence.

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