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Portion size is key to staying lean!

In order to adequately burn fat and achieve that lean shredded look you need to get your diet in check. Remember training is a very small part of the equation when it comes to losing weight, diet and portion size are the key elements that will take your results to the next level. When you’re over consuming calories, the ratios (macros) don’t make much of a difference. To prevent this from happening buy yourself a set of measuring cups and spoons, this way you know exactly how much food you are consuming.

Alternatively, see above for a easy downloadable “Helping Hand” Healthy Choice chart on just how to physically weigh up your approximate sized portions for meals, snack and recipes (examples are given for each corresponding measurement).

This is a universal chart and is considered Worldwide. Unless of course you have the hands the size of a Yeti. In which case, well… you should be eating whole Tuna fish.

Keep it #SLFit people!

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