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Not everyone reading this will be a competitive body-builder, many go you out there will simply be trying to get in the best shape of your life for a holiday or another special event. Some of you will just want to get in shape to prove to yourself that you can do it! When you achieve the look you want why not invest in professional photography, book a shoot with a reputable company and immortalise the images of what you have achieved through months of hard dieting and training.

When the day of the shoot, holiday or event comes around try these few tricks to enhance your look…

Three days before. One of the most tried and trusted methods to look your best and maximise how lean you are is to become as “dry” as possible. This means that you have to lose as much subcutaneous water as you can, so your skin “fits” tighter to your body, allowing your muscle to show through giving that shrink wrap look you see in all the magazines.

Water is the most important factor in anyone’s diet its important to highlight this and to say you should never stop drinking water altogether. You put your body into “flushing” mode consuming tons of water.

Here’s the way it works: you drink tons of water, which will down-regulate a hormone called aldosterone, a hormone acts to conserve sodium and secrete potassium. This is the purpose of water-loading-you’re essentially training your body to eliminate water frequently, and in large amounts. Be careful and ensure to remember health comes first.

Around 18 hours from when you are going to the event, you CUT water intake. And when I say cut water, I mean that. The day before the shoot, you should be drinking no more than 3 total cups of water. The day of the shoot, no more than half a cup to a cup. Just sips at a time.

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Glycogen Depletion Workouts.

The depletion of glycogen and subsequent carb-up, will make you look bigger, fuller, tighter and allow you to pump to the extreme. Expect a new level of vascularity!

I don’t want to get too heavy on the science, so I’ll keep this to the basics. The goal is to deplete and then refill in the right way, allowing for something called super-compensation. In essence, the deplete/carb-up process creates an opportunity to temporarily eve-fill muscular glycogen for a very limited window. The result, visually, can be astounding. Done right you can appear far more muscular for the shoot.

Depleting workouts, as the name implies, this is a specific workout intended to completely deplete remaining muscular glycogen.

Just about any higher rep protocol will do for a depletion workout, my personal favourite is to use reps as high as 50 on my first set and follow this with rep ranges of 20 using a drop set method of high intensity training. Keep the rest period low between sets and you will deplete far sooner than you have ever done before.

How do you know you’re depleted?

Trust me you will know, the feeling of fatigue is hard to miss everything will become difficult that once felt easy.

Carbing Up

The purpose of the carb up is two-fold.

Firstly as I mentioned, you’re re-filling glycogen stores and allowing for super-compensation. Secondly, taking in carbs works synergistically with your water depletion to help you look your best.

According to most body-building and contest prep experts, a gram of carbohydrate pulls 2.7g water into your muscle; and since you’re not taking in any water by the time you start caring up. the remaining subcutaneous water you’re holding will be pulled into the muscle, from under the skin helping you achieve a higher level of dryness and a more ripped look.

The Day Before the Event

Let’s say the event was booked for Friday at 13:00PM. As a result, final preparations begin on Thursday.

Thursday afternoon:

13:00 – bodyweight workout, high reps for blood flow.

14:00 – 20 minutes in the tanning booth

15:00 – keep active maybe a steady walk and stretch

16:00 – now the flu begins; a triple dose of dandelion root (3000mg) add a little vitamin c (1000mg) to start the dehydration process

17:00 – cut water

17:05 to 18:30 – depletion workout (as mentioned)

19:00 – walk for about 45 minutes to sweat at a good pace (this helps along the dehydration process)

20:00 – the carb up begins (just a little). Dry carbs, just rice cakes and jam

21:00 – more dandelion root (2000mg)

21:05 – epsom salt bath, taken in hot water

22:00 – as many push ups and pull ups as possible. This is to test how depleted you are

22:30 – bedtime!

Friday, day of the event:

05:00 – wake up, test push ups

05:30 – epsom salt bath with 3000mg dandelion root

06:30 – light walk for 30 minutes

07:15 – tanning booth for 15 minutes

08:00 – carb up begins, enjoy a chocolate bar, crackers and a few handfuls of granola (dry)

08:05 – back in the epsom salt bath. Final 1000mg dandelion root

08:30 – full shower and body shave

10:45 – more dry granola, toast with peanut butter and half a protein bar

11:15 – brandy before poolside for vascularity, vodka is an option, dark chocolate for a pump.



If you require further assistance in Personal Training and/or Workout/Nutrition Preparation then feel free to get in touch with myself where I will be happy to assist you in reaching your goal(s).

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