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Pancake Day is Soon Approaching.

Pancake Day

Imagine a life where you understood every element of nutrition and saw through every single fad.

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Pancake Day is Tuesday 5th March if you wasn’t excited for it already. This is usually seen as a high calorie day for many and so the diet can either go “out the window” or we can implement it into plan.

The general rule of thumb for healthier pancakes is uses ground oats instead of refined wheat flour. This makes the pancakes easier to digest, as oats do not contain gliadin, the type of gluten that’s found in wheat and that’s particularly hard to digest. The blueberries are, of course, a healthier and naturally sweet alternative to adding sugar or maple syrup.

MyProtein have thankfully saved both me and yourself some time, money, effort and calories in giving us some amazing pancake day recipes that are packed with Protein!


MyProtein Protein Pancake Recipes


Now there isn’t much else to say on the subject of Protein Pancakes only to ENJOY THEM!

That said; take these notes onboard before 5th March:

1. Do not eat Pancakes all day – although the name may state different, eating pancakes all day is not going to do your gut or micronutrient absorption any favours. Opt for a time of the day when you’re going to enjoy your stack and keep to it. For example: post workout pancakes or breakfast as a high carbohydrate meal prior to lifting some weights.

2. More pancakes, less condiments – don’t go crazy on the maple syrup, bananas, fruit and ice cream that you want with your pancakes as these won’t necessarily give you 100% satiety. If you want more pancakes. DO IT but make sure you have them within the same eating window (as fore-mentioned).

3. The more protein the better – Including protein in your meal helps slow down digestion, leaving you feeling more satisfied and fuller for longer. This in turn can help with weight loss, as you’re less likely to have as many calories.

4. Change up your flour – Alternatives like organic buckwheat flour are naturally gluten-free and very nutritious. Like dark chocolate, it’s rich in magnesium, known as ‘nature’s tranquilliser’. It’s also a great source of iron, zinc and B vitamins to support energy and your immune system.

5. Sweet tooth getting an overkill? Try some cinnamon – Cinnamon has been found to help balance blood sugar. This means it could have benefits for weight control, as we’re less likely to crave sugar or overeat if blood sugar levels stay stable. It’s also high in protective antioxidants that could help keep our skin looking young as well as protecting other organs and tissues in our body. And it can also stimulate and support digestion, helping to prevent bloating.

6. Avoid chocolate powder – Raw cacao is high in flavanols – plant compounds associated with antioxidant activity. The flavanols in cacao are thought to help improve circulation to the heart, and may reduce risk of heart disease by helping to lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, reduce blood stickiness and even improve cholesterol levels!

7. Cook them properly! – What good are you to your Trainer, Coach if you undercook your pancakes leaving you with a bad stomach and out of the gym or training regime for a week!

Pancake Day then becomes Pancake Disaster Week!


4 Week Tailor Made SLFitness Nutrition Plan

Protein Pancake Mix

Sugar-Free Syrup

Impact Whey Protein

Pancake Day approaches!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Healthy Regards,

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