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NEW to the SLF Spencer Lissamore Fitness app and software – Fitbit integration and more…

When I say integrated I mean integrated!

Welcome, Fitbit veterans!

The SLF app with Fitbit integration

Fitbit integration brings another level of tracking through step counts, calories burned, distance covered and much more!

Throughout the day I will be able to access a constant feed of where your clients are currently at with their step count and give them that nudge when needed! This will be ideal for body weight and fat loss goals as I will tell you all to make a conscious effort to reach that golden 10,000 steps/day for a caloric deficit of 500. Or whether it is for just general health.

Please link your Fitbit’s if possible when you can. – Spencer is watching! *Creepy laugh*

Workout Logger updates:

I have made some updates to the workout logger. We now can double check to make sure you have completed all of your exercises (given you had the time).

Previously, when clients would log a workout, if they forgot to tick off the exercise to confirm it was logged, the exercise data would not save. Now, they’ll receive a prompt saying that there are exercises that have not been completed, also by highlighting these red.

This in mind, still please ensure you use the feedback section after logging each workout as necessary to mention anything that may have hindered you from completion, i.e. equipment being used, weights unavailable, limited space or time, other commitments taking you out of the workout.

Monitor Resting Heart Rate & Blood Pressure:

Store all of your vital stats including your blood pressure, keep up to date with your progress and record your resting heart rate.

For some clients, keeping track of their blood pressure and resting heart rate can be vital! Now you can track this and so much more!

Liking feature added to the SLF app…

‘Liking’ Feature:

I will be giving clients immediate feedback with the new ‘Like’ feature. If I particularly like a weight achieved, body fat recorded, distance ran, row or cycled. I may even be kind enough to give it a good thumbing… errrr

Stay tuned for more updates and a Christmas Advent Challenge over December!

Spencer x

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