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Monday Motive

2 years ago I decided to become a Personal Trainer, I accomplished something that I would never thought I’d ever consider. I fell into fitness during a hard time in my life, it was make or break. I wasn’t sure whether it would be too late to begin or where I would even start in the industry.

But I did it. I loved leaving strengthened and positively infused people each session. I had found the holy grail mix of cardio, strength and positive mindset and it was all within my job role. I am able to network with all types of clientele attuning to their needs. The science and research behind cooking up customised programmes that gets my clients leaner, stronger faster and fitter gives me great satisfaction. Have you ever cared about someone so much you would literally do anything for them? Yeah?! Good. Now make that someone yourself and go out and achieve anything you have ever wanted to achieve.

I see so many people wasting their time and money on other people that don’t give a f*^k about them. Stop putting so much effort and time into people that do so little for you.

Take care of you first, those that are your real friends will understand that you are making the decision to better your life. Those that don’t understand that decision shouldn’t be around to begin with. You are never going to satisfy everyone, don’t rely on others for happiness, true happiness comes from within. Another awesome day, a new start. Are you ready? Let’s get it!

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