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Jealousy is a Gift.


Hi Guys, Spencer Lissamore here so… I’ve lately learned that jealousy is actually a gift.

Hear me out…

Over the past few months I have been engrossed in Instagram videos and how some calisthenics athletes train and perform some of the movements they do.

I then started to criticise the fact they have minimal mass and size in comparison. But I caught myself mid sentence and thought…

“Who am I to criticise?!”

Regardless of the method they use to get there, the ONLY reason I even feel the need to be critical is that the athletes are:

– Leaner than me.

– Stronger than me.

– More athletically capable than me.

– More resilient (to some degree) than me.

That’s it.

Nothing more to it.

IF, as I watched, they were in terrible shape and struggled with basic movements, it likely wouldn’t even cross my mind to bash their philosophies.

Funnily enough, it was on the same day that I decided to ditch my boring stories of “powerlifters can’t be lean”, and get a bit leaner.

The lesson is simply this:

Within the fitness world, if you find yourself reacting to something negatively out of jealousy, it’s only ever a sign that something about YOU needs work.

Instead of focussing your attention on someone else’s business, use it as a prompt to improve yourself.

Where there is jealousy, there is a chance to improve, refine and hone.

The key is taking this emotional charge and new direction and applying it to a framework that allows you to metrically move forward.

Thanks for reading and remember; embrace jealousy as an opportunity to better yourself, where at first you did not deem it possible.

– Coach SL.


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