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Insulin 101…


Insulin Sensitivity and Carbohydrate intake 101

as you know, if you eat carbs in a cavalier fashion with little to no regard for insulin response etc you can quite quickly run into trouble…

The Insulin response requires more insulin to get the glucose removal job done (insulin resistance) – the GLU4 glucose transporters become less effective. This is just the beginning though, for once one is insulin resistant, a cascade of hormonal changes occur all manifesting themselves in a condition called ‘anabolic resistance’ – a diminished ability to build muscle.

Obviously then we want to maintain insulin sensitivity.


So what do we do?

Move 70% of your carbohydrate intake to per-workout periods (around your workout) when insulin sensitivity is at its highest and the body can actually use the glycogen (glucose).

Another time we are insulin sensitive and thus another good time to take in a carbohydrate meal is breakfast. This fasting your body endures when you sleep heightens insulin sensitivity as the blood stream its clear of excess glucose on wakening.

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