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Improving client accountability

Free tools to improve client accountability

Personal Training

Trainers spend hours writing the perfect training / meal plan. If the client doesn’t follow the plan it’s useless. Here are some tools I am implementing to dramatically increase how likely you are to follow your programme.

#1 – Snap Chat


Snapchat is a great tool for keeping in touch with clients.

How To Use It:

– Quick & easy way for you as a client to send nutrition questions – Clients can send “Gym Snaps”, so I know you are getting your training done – The “Cheat Food Snap”, clients send a picture & a reason why they should eat “x” cheat food (great to limit blow outs).

Be sure to add me SnapChat username: spencerlissa


#2 – YouFood

Mango yoghurt

A visual food diary.

If I have a client who struggles keeping a food diary? I use the YouFood app!

Instead of writing down their foods, clients simply take photos of it.

How To Use It:

– I tell clients I will be reviewing their food diary weekly – I send out a “how to” when you start your coaching program.


#3 – Facebook Groups

Communication - social media

You probably check Facebook a gazillion times a day. Facebook Groups notify the user every time there is a post from that particular group, really helpful for keeping your fitness goals top of mind.

I want to build on my SLFitness community as much as possible in 2018.

How To Use It:

– Feel free to post personal bests on set challenges/workout throughout the month(s) – Share success stories – Post interesting training / nutrition information you come across – Give out recipes and deals found – A Q&A session will be held each Friday night by myself.

If you aren’t already apart of the Spencer Lissamore Fitness – Client Hub closed group leave a comment below where I will be happy to add you.


#4 – The Spencer Lissamore Fitness app

The Spencer Lissamore Fitness app

If you want a system designed specifically to improve client accountability you need to check it out.

– Individual Client Dashboards – Automated Client Tracking – Progress Picture Comparisons – Detailed Exercise Records – Body Stats – Individual Goal Setting

It has everything you need to keep on track

It’s guaranteed to get YOU better results!

Sign up via: www.spencerlissamorefitness.com or purchase a plan from: https://spencerlissamorefitness.mypthub.net/buy-packages

Have a great weekend folks! – SL

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